As a member of the Steering Committee, VOI participates in providing new and ongoing training for Community Crisis Response Team members. Annually, we host Basic and Advanced Trainings and a Mixer to offer an opportunity for team members to know each other and we offer a short training session on any current issues.

May 16, 2013, team members met and were lucky to hear from John Michael Keys (I Love You Guys Foundation) and John McDonald, Executive Director of Safety and Security for R-1 Schools. They described the newly adopted Reunification Plan to the team and the role CCRT Members would play in a school disaster. Our goal is to the respond to the emotional needs of victims of any large-scale disaster in our community, crime related or not, in a coordinated and effective manner. Should we be called to assist with an event, understanding the procedures adopted by the Jefferson County School District will prepare team members to work together with school personnel to minimize trauma experienced by children and their parents.

First-Responder Agencies Roles & Responsibilities


  •  Incident Command/Control
  •  Public Safety

Jefferson County Emergency Management

  •  Coordination of resources to support Incident Commander’s requirements
  •  Activation and management of the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  •  Emergency situation assessment and recommendations to the County Commissioners, County Administrator and Sheriff

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

  •  Crisis Intervention
  •  Debriefing/Defusing
  •  Counseling Services
  •  State-mandated responsibility for provision of needed mental health services
  •  Planning and implementation of mental health crisis and disaster services

Mayflower Team

  •  Volunteer teams of mental health and first responders available to respond:
  •  At the request of Incident Commander, for on-scene advice to command with regard to reactions of emergency personnel
  •  To provide defusings/demobilizations as emergency teams leave the disaster area
  •  To provide decompressions for those involved in on-going operations
  •  To provide debriefings, at the request of first response agencies for involved staff and their significant others

DA's Office/Victim Witness

  •  Provide backup to Law Enforcement Advocates
  •  When a crime has occurred:
    •  Inform victims/families
    •  Provide Victim Rights information
    •  Administer Crime Victim Compensation benefits
    •  Accompany Victims/Witnesses to court or prosecution related meetings

Jefferson County Coroner's Office

  •  Identify victims
  •  Determine cause and manner of death
  •  Arrange for notification of families

Police Psychologist

  •  Respond at request of incident command for defusing/debriefing of first responders
  •  On-scene advice to command re: trauma reactions

Police Based Victim Assistance

  •  Crisis Intervention on-scene/hospitals, etc.
  •  Coordinate and assemble crisis intervention teams
  •  Assist Coroner with death notifications
  •  Provide information/referrals and resources
  •  Debriefings/Defusings

Clergy/Faith Community

  •  Crisis Intervention
  •  Follow-up support
  •  Provide space for meetings/activities
  •  Access to volunteers

JeffCo Schools

  •  Crisis Intervention
  •  Mental health support - students and families
  •  Possibility of space/transportation

Public Information/Media

  •  Coordinate with Law Enforcement (PIO)


  •  Maintain 24-hour hotline
  •  Access to volunteer trained responders
  •  Coordinate resources ($)

Family Tree

  •  Follow-up support-counselors, resources, shelter

American Red Cross

  •  Mental health workers
  •  Vouchers for hotel/motel and food/clothing
  •  Provide food for victims/responders
  •  Set up shelters
  •  Set up 24-hour hotline
  •  Ham Radio Operators network


The Victim Services Unit associated with the law enforcement agency that is identified as the lead agency in any community disaster will coordinate the response to the emotional needs of the victims of community disaster. It will be the responsibility of this Victim Services Unit* to coordinate services with any affected agency or business, as well as with agencies that traditionally respond to crises.

Victim Services will have a station at the Incident Command Center or direct access to it. Communication and coordination will originate from this point. Requests for law enforcement based victim advocates will be made as directed by the lead law enforcement agency's mutual aid policy.

The commanding law enforcement agency will establish a Victim Services staging area. All persons responding to aid/assist victims will report to the staging area. They will be screened for qualifications and then directed to the specific area of need. Identification cards will be distributed to JGCCCRT Members. It is the responsibility of team members to maintain established rules of confidentiality and follow accepted JGCCCRT policies and procedures.

*According to the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996, American Red Cross bears primary responsibility for coordinating emergency care and support of the passengers involved in aircraft accidents and their families. In these cases, American Red Cross will be part of the unified command system and will coordinate with victim services.

Acts of terrorism fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. The JGCCCRT will coordinate services to victims of these crimes with federal victim assistance.