Victim Services - Advocacy Programs

VOI primarily serves victims who have reported to police.
We also assist people who call for information and resources but have not reported to the police. We educate people about the reporting process and if needed, may accompany them as they make a report to police.

Both primary and secondary victims are served. Primary clients include those who have been impacted by a violent crime or other trauma, such as suicide, a SIDS death, homicide, fatal car accident or natural disaster. Secondary victims are family members or witnesses who were seriously impacted by the trauma.

Limited Confidentiality

Police-based victim advocates have “limited confidentiality”. This means they do not have confidentiality with regard to statements made by victims and witnesses that are related to the case that is being investigated. Additionally, advocates are mandated reporters of child abuse, elder abuse and of concerns that a person is a danger to him/herself or others.

List of Services:

24 Hour Hotline, 24 Hour On-scene Response

Victims of crime and/or other traumatic events are referred to VOI by law enforcement or are identified through VOI’s review of all police reports in the cities we serve. VOI Advocates only respond on-scene at the request of law enforcement. Police are instructed to call a VOI advocate to respond on-scene to help victims of traumatic crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence related crimes and other traumatic crimes such as robbery and assault.

Additionally VOI assists protective parents or other family members during the investigation of reports of child abuse/sexual assault. VOI Advocates only respond on-scene at the request of law enforcement.

Police are mandated to call VOI to respond to all homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence related crimes, child abuse, and other traumatic crimes such as robbery and felony assaults.

Crisis Intervention, Risk Assessment

VOI Advocates are trained to assist victims by providing emotional support, information and referrals that are appropriate to the circumstance. This service is provided to individuals, groups or, in the event of a large-scale event/disaster, to a community.

VOI is a member of the Jefferson/Gilpin Counties Community Crisis Response Team (JGCCRT). We serve on the Steering Committee to provide leadership and training. Read more here...

Inform Victims Of Their Rights

Victim advocates inform victims about their rights as guaranteed by the Colorado Constitution. This includes the right to crime victim's compensation and the right to input at critical stages, the first of which is advisement where bond is considered. We assist victims with providing that information to the district attorney's office.

Legal Process Support

VOI explains the criminal justice system and goals to victims of crime with the hope that increased understanding will not only provide comfort but will also influence victims'/witnesses' willingness to participate with the criminal justice process.

Services continue throughout the criminal justice process and include accompaniment to investigative interviews, court or related meetings, assistance with witness preparation and advocacy. VOI assists victims after disposition with Department of Corrections notification and occasionally even through the appellate process.

Additional: Third-Party Mediation, Help with Obtaining Case Status, Domestic Violence Court Advocacy, Criminal Justice Information

Crisis Counseling & Emotional Support

Victim advocates provide crisis counseling and help the victim with other aspects of recovery, looking at emotional, safety, financial and physical needs.

Referral and Resources

VOI Advocates provide information, assistance with the application for Crime Victim’s Compensation and referrals to community resources that support victim’s recovery.

Helping To Prevent Re-Victimization

VOI works to sensitize those who will be in regular contact with the victim about what they can do to be helpful and warn them about the possible impact of their inadvertent comments.

Well-meaning friends, family and others who interact with the victim during the trauma-recovery period often inadvertently re-victimize through careless questions, statements or actions. Employers often have difficulty understanding why a survivor has difficulty being productive at work.

Victim Subsidy Program

With grant funds, VOI oversees a Victim Subsidy Program for necessary victim expenses for which there is no other source of support.